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Smart Phone, Smart Phone Reviews, Android KitKat 4.4, Rage Swift
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How to Buy a Perfect Smartphone for the First Time

There are lots of Smart phones available in the market with amazing features and latest technologies that it becomes a bit difficult to find an appropriate Smart phone. With so many preferences at hand, if you not do careful study, you might pick up an invalid choice and your hard earned money can go waste. Most people do not know how to make a perfect choice while purchasing a Smartphone. With continuous technological revolutions, many operating systems interfaces and super processor Smart phones with amazing features are coming to market. It is not an easy task to choose a perfect Smartphone among a number of Smart phones.

This year, quite a lot of Smart phones have already swamped the market and many are yet to come. If you are looking to purchase a new perfect Smartphone for you then you must keep few things in your mind for the smarter choice.

Some points that can be considered during a purchase:

Operating System: Smart phones loaded up with five most famous operating systems. These five OS are iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Bada (previously). Presently, Android OS Smart phones are ruling in the market because of their flexibility and on other hand Apple Smartphone operating system -iOS is considered as the smoothest operating system. Smart phones by Apple are however overpriced than most of Android Smart phones. Android Smart phones have all the features under satisfactory budget. The latest version of Android OS - Android 4.4 KitKat comes with a more elegant design, enhanced performance, and innovative features.

Display and its size: Display technology of Mobile phones is passing through great revolutionary changes. Every month, a new display Smart phone knockouts the market. You must review the display of the phone you are going to purchase. The display should not have short viewing angles and low-quality color reproduction. IPS (In-Plane Switching) panels display steady, precise color from all viewing angles and provide contrast that prevents any particular reading in direct sunlight. The iPad uses IPS displays. Best option is to go with a Smartphone at-least with display resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. Standardized Smart phones are having a screen size of 4 inches.

The multimedia capabilities: Smart phones make it easy to access digital media on the go. Consumer can load music, video, presentations, docs and pictures onto their phone and enjoy all media while on the go. Digital media devices have been around for many years, but with Smart phones having all multimedia capabilities, one can save money, time and resources by being able to access, share, and exploit their digital media all from user friendly interface.

Applications: All Smart phones are supported by respective store applications. There are numerous programs and exciting games that enrich the phone. Most of the apps and games are free to download.

To plan a purchase for Smartphone:

Budget: Be clear about the money you want to spend. You will find many online resources that list Smart phones according to their prices and features. Check the phones available in your budget. Compare the features with compare tool. Go for a Smart purchase!

Refer Phone Finder: You can also use phone finder feature of very popular website GSMArena that gives you certain options to find the desired phone along with listed features. This makes your search narrower and easy.

Read Reviews: Hopefully, your search might be narrowed down to three or four phones. You need to read reviews of selected phones to understand their qualities and drawbacks. Reading customer reviews can let you know what is good and what is bad about that phone. However, customer reviews are not that trustworthy. Different customers have different opinions. You can also checkout video reviews on YouTube as well.

Keeping above points in mind, you will surely be able to make a Smart choice for buying a perfect Smart phone at the best price.

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Name: -                       Pankaj Bhasin

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