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Kick Ass Moves of Baba Ramdev on Football Field
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Kick Ass Moves of Baba Ramdev on Football Field

Yes, You heard it right! This time, a man who made the MOVE is Baba Ramdev. He is well known for his controversies while on the other hand, he is also known for being eccentric and daring. He believes in taking challenges and take up adventure instantly. 

His recent adventure was at the charity football parliamentarian match. His Swag was packed in saffron dhoti and same color shoes. Matching! Matching haaann!! No hoot for the dress code was seen. His ferocious moves can make any filmmaker think to make ‘Ram it like Ramdev’.

The Social Media, of course, trolled him in the most epic way it can.  

P.C. Twitter

What so ever it is, Baba Ramdev is the Swagger Baba of all time. Cheers for Baba Ramdev!

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