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Online Shopping for Second hand mobile phones | Used mobile phones Online Shopping | TogoFogo
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Trivia for online shopping for quality used mobiles at lowest price

Online shopping has become quite popular these days: cost efficient online deals are one of the reasons behind popularity of shopping online. However, besides advantage of purchasing all sorts of commodities from best and world class shopping portals, online shoppers are now enjoying amazing opportunities to purchase quality used goods also. Second hand mobile phones are now available online for purchase, but how to find the best deals?

Used mobile phones are now hot in demand but consumers keep on hesitating to purchase these phones because apparently these deals seem to be somehow risky! As these used mobiles come without warranty, these deals may seem unsafe. Check here the suggestions that will safeguard your purchase of a used mobile.

Decide what you want

If you are looking for a quality used second hand mobile, be precise first about your requirement. Once you have identified your need, then you should start search for a second hand mobile online. Check for:

  • Hardware variations,
  • External appearance,
  • Be sure for carrier customized phones.

Search online from reliable sites

It is rightly said that all that glitters are not gold. There are hundreds of websites, which can vouch for giving you honest and best deal on used mobile phones, but in reality they are not capable to do so. It is always safe to purchase a used mobile phone from a reliable website only.

Check any of your friends and colleagues has purchased a used mobile phone by online shopping recently, and he is satisfied. If yes, take the website address and check if you get your target used mobile phone there.

Check for phone details

No matter you are purchasing online, you can ask for a few details about the mobile phone you have shortlisted. These are:

  • The physical look of the phone,
  • The battery life,
  • If all buttons are functioning properly,
  • IMEI / MEID Check,
  • Availability of accessories.
  • Camera check,
  • Checking the phone by making a test call.

Check for warranty

Check from the website if the website will offer you warranty from the website or from the manufacturer as refurbished mobile phone. In case the warranty is available in written, you can go for the deal.

The price

Obviously you cannot expect a throwaway price for a quality used second hand mobile phone, but you can seal the deal at least at 30-40% less price than a new one of the same model.

In case you find all these aforementioned points positive, you can go for the deal of purchasing a second hand mobile from that online shopping outlet. is an Online Marketplace for selling and buying Unboxed/Excess Stock, Refurbished and Certified Pre-owned Mobiles and Tablets.

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